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What are Phytopharmaceuticals?


Simply speaking, phytopharmaceuticals are pharmaceuticals using traditional compounds derived from botanicals instead of chemicals. It is the pure nature with its power, which helps you to stay healthy and maintain your body.


What is the benefit of Phytopharmaceuticals?


Natural ingredients are more easily and more readily metabolized by the body. Therefore they produce fewer, if any, side effects and provide increased absorption in the bloodstream resulting in more thorough and effective treatments.


How does SEKEM develop their Phytopharmaceuticals?


Since more than 35 years, our research and development processes are deeply founded in traditional clinical pharmacology. At the same time, we are always looking to the future. We carefully formulate our products, blending pure natural botanical extracts to meet the high quality and safety standards. Our deep connection to Organic and Demeter agriculture, helps us in understanding the plant from the very beginning and hence use the power within the plant to a high extend. This makes SEKEMs Phytopharmaceuticals as effective as they are - without recorded or known side effects!


Is there anything I should keep in mind?


Even though therapies, such as herbal remedies and phytopharmaceuticals have been used for centuries, modern since has just started to accept this discipline. By now more and more pharmaceutical producers realized the tremendous clinical benefits of naturally occuring remedies as well as their popularity with the public. Hence, the industry is growing as well as the market without the time for extensive research, therefore you should always refer to well known and established brands like SEKEM to ensure that you really get the highest quality natural ingredients and safety. Even though there has not been any side effects recorded on any Phytopharmaceutical product of SEKEM yet, it is always important to carefully read the label and instructions. In case of any question, call the company before consuming the product.


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